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Wine Face

Dec 6, 2018

Every person should know what Loom in Los Angeles is because it's genius and should know Erica Chidi Cohen who is the co-founder and CEO. It's about women's health but there is information for everyone. I invited Erica to come talk about Wine & Women & Wine & Sex & Wine & Your partner. It's lit. We talk all about Bear skin rug wines. I brought three wines to discuss but sadly one was corked! Shit happens!!! We discuss Bordeaux & Some funky little love pinot. Wines to chug versus wines to sip! 
Wines we discussed:
2017 Vincent et Marie Tricot, Les 3 Bonhommes, Vin de France, Auvergne, Pinot Noir
2011 Chateau Massereau, Graves, Barsac, Cab Franc/Cab Sauv/Merlot/Petit Verdot