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Wine Face

Nov 29, 2018

Zev Rovine is a badass wine importer based in New York. Daryl Nuhn is the wine director at Gem in New York. Together they are Zev&Daryl, a couple so sweet we had to write their name twice! I met them in Sicily on a wine trip in June and we became fast friends. They are both incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about wine, life & living!
Wines we tasted:
2015 Chateau de Beru, Cotes Aux Pretres, Sans Soufre, Chablis, Chardonnay
2016 Anders Frederik Steen, Ce n'est pas mon chien, Vin de France, Grenache
2016 Lammidia, Rosh, Abruzzo, Montepulciano/Trebbiano