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Wine Face

Apr 30, 2020

Not many people have had wine from Switzerland nor do they know much about it, so why not drop some casual knowledge on it!! Because the wines are dope! It's a very special place making very special wine. We have one producer from Switzerland in the shop right now, check out Domaine de Cherouche here!

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Apr 23, 2020

Holly Liss has been behind the scenes for the branding and styling of some of the most powerful food based restaurants and brand's instagram accounts. She's the queen of getting the perfect shot. She sits down to talk about food, dinner parties, branding, marketing and how to get to click all together. 
We tasted two 

Apr 16, 2020

Shit got real last month with the outbreak of the virus!! I had to take a quick hiatus from Wine Face as our business crumbled and we rushed to re-form it. Successfully! But I am back! I wanted to take a moment to address the changes that Covid-19 have had on my work life and also talk about some amazing wine trends...